Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2 months already

Sunday was Mark's birthday. He turned 42 and Lucy turned 2 months on the same day. 

Of course that means we had her 2 month Dr appointment today. And she weighed 10lb 12oz. Her length was 22 in and something. That put her in the 32% for weight and 48% for height/length. 

We also had to get shots and that wasn't fun for baby or mama. 

It's funny to see the similarities and differences between the girls. Caroline was always a skinny baby and Margaret was a chunk. So far, Lucy is taking after Caroline. Then, of course, she got Margaret's (and mine) red hair. And she got her fair skin and eczema too. But it looks like she's going to have blue eyes like Caroline.  

And what's different? Lucy is the only baby with colic. Which means hours of screaming and crying every night. We have tried several things: probiotics, swaddling, white noise, a fan, going outside, taking a warm bath, bouncing and rocking. It's better than it was for the most part. But for a while it was ROUGH! 

But she is sweet as pie and cute as a button!  We couldn't be more blessed or happy that she is ours!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lucy's baptism

Miss Lucy was baptized Sunday. We asked my sister, Meredith and her husband, Dale to be her Godparents. We had a private baptism in the afternoon. It was just easier for everyone to attend then. 
All 3 girls wore this gown at their baptism. Now I'll have it framed and hang it up somewhere. 

Lucy with her Godparents. 

Then we had everyone back to our house for cake. I love how her cake turned out. God bless Lucy Kate!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

One Month

Miss Lucy Kate turned one month yesterday. (She's unimpressed) It's hard to believe she joined us a month ago. I am exhausted, of course, but my heart is full of so much love for my little family. God has truly blessed me beyond measure. 
My sister and Dale took pictures of the girls last week. I love how they turned out!

These 3 are just everything!  Our family is complete. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Roller coaster

I'm currently writing this post from my hospital bed. This pregnancy has been such a roller coaster. I don't know where to start except at the very beginning. When I miscarried Annabel, my blood pressure got really high. Since then I have been on labetalol which is a medication to lower blood pressure. I was monitored very closely for my entire pregnancy because of my previous miscarriage and blood pressure. For the first and second trimester I was fine. Everything looked great. Once I got into the third trimester I started having higher blood pressure than before but that's pretty typical of most women. At about 32 weeks I started weekly Non Stress Tests and by 34 weeks I was out on a higher dose of my medication. I ended up in the Maternity ER 3 times to get extra doses of meds to lower my BP and monitor the baby's response. Up until about 35 weeks, her response was normal. But at 35 weeks she started to show signs that she was stressed at times. So at 36 weeks after failing my second straight NST and in the ER for the 4th time, the ob decided it was time for Miss Lucy to come out and meet the world. 

(One of the few times I actually held her in the hospital)

After the excitement of meeting her and getting to know her, it was time to get serious about my bp which didn't magically return to normal at birth. It actually got way worse. On top of that, I acquired some sort of intestinal virus while in the hospital and couldn't eat anything. After a way too long week in the hospital, I got dismissed Friday evening. 

The weekend was pretty miserable as I was throwing up and having diarrhea and not eating or drinking anything. By Sunday I was short of breath and couldn't figure out why. My bp was actually leveling out although I still had the virus.  Monday morning I woke up able to eat oatmeal and part of a sandwich for lunch. But by that evening I was struggling to catch my breath and not keeping anything down. About 4am Tuesday I woke Mark and my mom up and said I was having trouble breathing and needed to go to the ER. We waited a few hours to call my OB and when they hadn't returned my call by 8:30 we headed to the ER. Because of my previous visits to that ER, the nurses knew me and knew something was wrong. My BP at the time was 224/114 which is technically a hypertensive crisis. I was put on an iv because I was severely dehydrated and sent for a chest X-ray and CT. When the results were back it was clear why I was in such misery:  I have pneumonia in my right lung and fluid occlusion in both lungs. 

So basically I had 3 issues: pneumonia, viral intestinal infection and severe hypertension. After spending all day in the hospital, the decision was made that I should be transferred to a different hospital that was more equipped to handle my condition. (I was currently at the Women's Hospital where I delivered Lucy). I got to ride in an ambulance for the first and hopefully last time. 
(Yes I took a picture from inside the ambulance. I knew the girls would want to know what it was like )

So here I sit in the hospital. I have spent 5 of Lucy's 9 days on this Earth in the hospital. I am so ready to be home and holding that baby girl. And to spend time with Caroline and Margaret. I miss them all so much. I have many people praying for me and I know those prayers are helping me heal. But all I want is to leave this place and never look back. I was supposed to be dismissed at lunch time and now that looks like dinner or possibly tomorrow. I know I need to be here to get better, but my heart is breaking from every second I spend away from my girls. 

And that's where this story ends for now. I hope and pray to be up for 2am feedings tonight. But only time will tell. 


Lucy Kate Lee made her debut May 27 at 1:34pm. She weighed 7lb 5oz and was 18 3/4 in long. She is adorable and perfect and a carbon copy of her big sisters. She was 4 weeks early but shows no signs that she wasn't finished cooking. 

I am so grateful to God for this miracle that I prayed for. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Catch up

It's been a while so I thought I'd just go through my phone and see what we've been up to. 
Snow day dress up party. 
Cousin sleepover with Cece when the dads were both out of town. 
More snow. Ugh. 14 snow days this year. 
Caroline's sweet teacher came to her last bball game. 
Sock Hop at Caroline's school. 
Caroline at the dentist. No cavities but she has to go back and get a couple of teeth sealed. 

Lazy dog sleeping in her favorite spot 
Dressed up for a tea party at our favorite bakery. 
And today is my birthday and we celebrated with the most delicious cake!

The newest little princess is due to make her debut in about 12 weeks. I am so blessed!!

Monday, February 17, 2014


I haven't blogged much lately because it. Seems not much is going on. Here's some iPhone pics to document what has been happening. 

Greta in her favorite spot. 

I had an ultrasound at 21 weeks and little girl is doing great. She's still a girl and she's big!  Weighs 1lb 1 oz already!! We can't wait to meet her!

We had so much fun at Cece's 1st birthday party!

Caroline is playing basketball again this year. It's 3 on 3 this year and an all girls league and she is having a blast. 

And we have had so much snow and ice this year.  Caroline's school has been cancelled 11 days. So our running joke is whether she will be in school when the baby is born. 

Margaret is obsessed with the rock wall at the place where Caroline plays basketball so Mark took her to a local place where you can climb. She loved it!!  They had a zip line that she rode too. Caroline was fine to just watch. 

A group effort was involved with Caroline's Valentine box. It turned out so cute. 

Got everyone tucked into bed. 

I guess that's about it.